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Home Groups

Home Groups provide an opportunity for people at St Andrew's to meet during the week to share aspects of our Christian faith so that we can grow closer to our Lord and share friendship with each other. We generally meet in homes in the area although some have been known to venture to a theatre or restuarant for a social event.
Bible study group
Each group has a leader, although all members are encouraged to participate actively in the group. Groups can arrange their own schedules for meeting regularly to suit individual needs and meeting in each other's homes provides a welcoming and safe environment.

The main activities might include the following:

In all these activities the main purpose of the groups is that its members may be encouraged to grow in faith and learn to live their lives in love towards God and others.  We want to see God's kingdom extended in the life of the church and in our community.

We see Home Groups as providing a good platform for individual growth and mutual encouragement to live out the Christian life.  We are all at different stages in our walk with God and it is important that we recognise and develop not only our own gifts and abilities, but also those of others in the church. 

If you would like to join a home group or create a new group with other people you know, please contact George or Sandra Smith - 01204 521887.