Our Values

Our values reflect what we believe but also how those beliefs help us work together to proclaim Jesus as Lord and grow the church.

From our values you can see what is important to us as a church, how we interact with each other, the way we will move forward together, and how we will engage with the community and world around us.


  • Church Life

We are an Evangelical Charismatic community centred on a faith in Jesus Christ, who care, love and support one another regardless of age, ability or understanding in our common journey of faith.

We are a family, brought together by God, where new members are always welcome and able to take part in our life together.


  • Worship

Our worship celebrates and glorifies God who is majestic, awesome and gracious. 

Our worship is inspiring, passionate, contemporary and responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit enabling us to encounter our Lord.


  • Leadership

We expect our leaders to be visionary, courageous and full of faith whilst having a heart to serve the church and the community.

We expect our leaders to be encouragers who release others into their individual callings and giftings in life and church and enable new leaders to develop in faith and confidence.


  • Mission

We seek to be a people who are outward looking reaching out to others with the Good News of Jesus and the love of our living God as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

We seek to be a welcoming church to all so they can explore faith in Jesus and celebrate what God is doing in their lives, to enable them to become disciples of Jesus.


  • Beliefs and teaching

We will continue to hold to and proclaim the unchanging message of salvation and hope founded on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

We will teach only orthodox Christian truths based on the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit to be relevant to today’s world.


  • Discipleship

We will encourage one another to live like Jesus being equipped and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

We will demonstrate our growing relationship with God by living lives that show the grace, mercy and love of our Lord to all we meet.


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