About St Andrew's

Here at St Andrew's we belong to the world-wide Christian Church
We believe and hold to the Creeds (statements of faith) of the Universal Church. They witness to the fact that God the Father has revealed Himself uniquely and finally through His Son Jesus Christ who entered our world, born as one of us and died for us on the Cross. To know God the Father we must trust in His Son who died for our sins in our place and rose again for our salvation.
St Andrew's is a Charismatic church. We believe that when Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection that the Father sent the Holy Spirit to give life and power to those who believe in Him. This life and power from God is to enable us to live like Jesus, do the things He did, and share our faith in Him with those who do not yet believe. The Holy Spirit is made real in our lives by the various ways He shows His power in our lives, how He draws us closer to the Lord in worship, and helps us ministers His healing and grace to others. The Holy Spirit is also at work in the world drawing people to faith in Jesus and enabling them to become part of His Church.

St Andrew's is an Evangelical church.  We believe that the Bible is God’s word written and is therefore our authority on all matters of faith and conduct. As followers of Jesus we seek (however imperfectly) to submit our lives to God’s Word and in all our activities we seek to obey the Scriptures. We also actively seek to encourage others to join us in hearing and listening to the Bible. The Bible teaches us the only way of salvation and eternal life and we long for others to know the reality of Jesus Christ when he said “You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”.

St Andrew's is an Anglican church.  As such we stand in the Tradition of the Anglican Reformers of the Sixteenth Century who sought to bring the Church in conformity with the Bible and the practice of the Apostolic Church. With the Anglican Reformers we hold to the great truths of the Reformation such as the sovereignty of God in salvation, justification by faith alone, and salvation in Christ alone. In so doing we uphold historic, classical Anglicanism.  

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